Dale Lomas

My name’s Dale Lomas, and I work with cars and car people. I’m British, but I live in Germany and my office is at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. If you pushed me to describe my role, it would be “really useful car guy”. But here are some specifics, in descending order.

  • Running the biggest unofficial Nürburgring fansite and community in the world –
  • Writing features, roadtests and news stories for some of the biggest publishers in the automotive field.
  • Racing and pro-driving, at the Nürburgring Nordschleife and around the world.

Of course, as a self-employed car-guy, I am also known do some other random stuff that compliments the items above, such as:

  • Driver coaching (from amateur to professional)
  • Event management and organisation
  • Photography
  • Internet marketing
  • Social media consulting

WHAT? That’s not enough? You want to know more?

If all that doesn’t put you off, then feel free to continue. I started my working life as a motorcycle journalist, but as my curiosity increased, this soon diversified to the point of hilarity. My roles at Motorcycle News and Performance Bikes put me in a dozen crazy situations every year for over half a decade. I followed their assignments all over the world.

Now, and for the previous few years, I enjoy a fantastic role as a regular contributor and roadtester for, one of the biggest car websites in the world. Their jobs have took me all over the world again.


But I’ve always been a computer guy, and I’ve always enjoyed geeky stuff. From GoPros to dataloggers, I love getting my geek on. And so I began making websites when Microsoft released the first ever version of Frontpage. I had a video channel on Google Videos. And after some pretty terrible experiments, I taught myself HTML and began to experiment with CMS systems over 10 years ago.

Now I own and run the largest unofficial Nürburgring fansites; And really is where you’ll find all the stuff I see, do, drive and photograph that I can’t really fit anywhere else. So it’s a little like a portfolio, but a lot like a dumping ground.

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