There’s fast, and then there’s Koenigsegg Fast.

If you really want to see how fast a Koenigsegg Agera R is, then check out this video by GTBoard.com. They’re not exactly broadcast-quality presenters, but they do seem to have access to machinery and locations that few can dream of.

Bugatti have already announced the impending death of the Veyron and its myriad offspring. This video is just another Swedish nail in the coffin. Enjoy!

Let’s not even mention the ludicrous One:1 or impending Regera. we don’t want all the Veyron owners to cry too much into their baby-tears martinis…

3 thoughts on “There’s fast, and then there’s Koenigsegg Fast.

  1. No FB comments here?

    Aanyways, I think the Agera is a whole other thing; not comfy, not quiet, not refined (in the way the Veyron is, despite its age).
    Also, I don’t know about aero on the Koenigsegg but the Veyron would be faster if it was in ‘top speed mode’, lowered and with less downforce than it has now.

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