“That’s a shack!” = Best Squadron video ever?

I’ve loved all kinds of aircraft since being a kid, and only barely avoided a career in RAF thanks to some random events. But I still love to geek out over the latest military technology, and who doesn’t love tens of thousands of pounds of thrust exploding out of the back of a sleek fight jet?

This shared love of cars and planes is something that many mainstream sites have picked up on, nowhere more so than Jalopnik. They’ve maintained both the Flight Club and Foxtrot Alpha long before CarThrottle and others figured out the connection between fast cars and fast jets.

And it’s Tyler’s defense-themed blog at Foxtrot Alpha that I really want to share today. It’s my number-one none-car internet blog, bar none.

It’s on there that I found this video of Super Hornets in action, in all weathers and at all times of day. Check out the nighttime strafing run for a real “wow” moment:

VFA-27 “The Royal Maces” are no strangers GoPros, they’ve done this before last year. But the video above is even better, and it’s only a trailer for the full cruise video, which should drop soon.

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