amg g500 featured

AMG G500^2… it’s hip to be SQUARED

JESUS TAP-DANCING BABY CHRIST. I’ve never wanted a 4×4 as badly as this… it’s the new “show car” from AMG. They’ve put two portal axles from the 6×6 dune basher under a regular-sized G500 gelandeswagen and then slapped in the new 4.0 twin-turbo V8 from the latest AMG machines!

Portal axles are cool (because UniMog, educate yourself here) but I don’t know if they went with the dry-sump version of the V8 from the GT, or the newer wet-sump version from the C63.

I’d love to get closer to one of these…



Epic wallpaper size:

AMG G500 squared jump

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